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 We are a boutique, holistic, clinical psychology practice, with an emphasis on integrating the immense healing power of nature, along with evidence-based traditional office therapy treatment modalities (e.g., CBT, sandtray therapy, narrative therapy, RRT, psychospirituality, transpersonal psychotherapy, family/couples’ systems, etc-), via remote, or in person sessions. We address mental health conditions, as well as personal/professional growth for corporations and agencies of all sizes,  through customized, individualized interventions.

Dr. Williams has been in the counseling field since 1986, and in private practice in Tampa bay since 1994. She has advanced training in forensic work, hypnotherapy, and equine-assisted psychotherapy. Her approach with clients is collaborative, dynamic, and integrative, as treatment plans are customized & individualized to each client’s unique needs, goals, personality style, and pacing. Since we are almost exclusively self-pay, (we do bill Medicare & Tricare for some of our clientele-), your treatment plan is designed and updated by you & the dr, including when you meet, how you meet, and how long your sessions are.

With a special emphasis on trauma treatment, (particularly posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) military sexual trauma (MST), & dissociative identity disorder (DID, formally multiple personality disorder)), as well as grief, loss, and couples’ issues, our practice offers a variety of nature-based (i.e. biophilia, via ecotherapy interventions) to maximize and efficiently ameliorate the physiological, cognitive, psychological, emotional, social, &/or spiritual consequences of trauma that individuals may experience. These interventions include but are not limited to equine-assisted psychotherapy, forest/wind bathing, earthing, labyrinth & campfire mindfulness meditations, and extended weekend healing retreats (in conjunction with Equusolutions, Inc-), often in remote natural settings (see,, We also offer trauma-informed yoga, individually, or via group sessions!

We have offices in Pinellas & Hillsborough, and an experienced, compassionate, upbeat staff & healing partners eager to assist you in making the changes in your life that you desire!  In collaboration with your therapist, (rather than an insurance company-) you get to “take the reins” of your healing journey when choosing our practice.


What our clients are saying:

I just wanna thank you so much; this has helped me tremendously when in the beginning, I didn’t see how it could possibly help…

Dr Williams, I’m beyond beyond beyond Beyond thankful and glad. I feel so much better today 🙂 Thank you so much for making me feel better!!❤❤ Have a wonderful day today and Happy Thanksgiving.

In my work with Dr. Williams, it was encouraged to set goals and work on them using various tools like sand therapy, dream analysis, specific books to read, and journaling. She is an excellent communicator, and is able to draw from her own experience to give relevant examples. A hypnotist associate, Chris Hrabovsky, gave me access to daily tools and I can only say thank you to both as I continue my journey.

Thanks, Linda! Thanks for always getting back to me. That means a lot. There’s not many practices (actually, there’s not any that I know of) where I can just shoot a text and have someone reply, especially so quickly!

I actually started seeing Dr. Williams specifically because I was interested in equine therapy, but she’s been so freaking amazing. I haven’t even brought it up cause our sessions have been so beneficial.

I have been seeing Dr. Williams for several years and can’t say enough good things about her. I have tried other therapists throughout the years and none have compared to her. The only negative is that she always runs late, but that is because she is totally engaged in the session and never rushes you. She has an incredible memory and makes you feel like you are her only patient. She continues to offer options for ongoing progress. I highly recommend Dr. Williams.

Chris Hrabovsky and Dr. Darlene Williams was extremely engaging and highly informative. I thoroughly enjoyed the information shared and would have loved to have learned more from them!

Dr. Williams was very helpful & caring when our family was going through a very difficult time.

My grief about my son’s suicide has almost completely dissolved now.

I was amazed how equine-assisted therapy simplified what I thought was so complicated, and I noticed the manner in which I thought and behaved toward the horses, mirrored the way I am with people.  

Vast improvements with every session. This should be a required therapy for all wounded soldiers and their families.

Excellent presentation! Very Informative!

I found after attending your workshop series, I have been able to consistently manifest things in my life!

I found this to be the most interesting & informative workshop of the day; time allotted was not enough!

This was a very good workshop! The presenters were very knowledgeable, & did a good job of demonstrating why this research was important to practitioners.

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